Tradition Is the New Apostasy

Tradition is the new apostasy.

There is nothing more natural than for people to reject the traditions of their forebears. Tradition, by virtue of being passed down generations, is rigid, and many can feel imprisoned by traditions that no longer apply to present day. Trial and error is essential to learning and progress, as a society must keep what works and discard what doesn’t to improve. However, traditions exist in the present day because it is wisdom that has been passed down countless generations. This wisdom survives countless years because it works: tradition is distilled life advice that transcends time. Keeping traditions that work and discarding those that don’t doesn’t erode tradition, it refines and strengthens it. Tradition is the bedrock upon which culture exists, thus it is ultimately where a society derives its morals, and good morals are the bricks with which civilization is built.

In 2017, tradition is not being strengthened: it is being abandoned wholesale. Family traditions are considered antiquated and goofy, religions are dismissed as mere naive superstitions (and to some, constitute child abuse), and most recently even genders are denounced as arbitrary. There is an obsession in mainstream culture to criticize absolutely every single tradition and aspect of our culture ad absurdum and ad nauseum until everyone loses faith in everything they ever believed in. This has the effect of tearing down the very fabric of our society and replacing it with nothing, leaving it ripe for conquest from other cultures and ideologies.

Traditions, though created by those long dead, enrich the lives of the living and provide valuable guidelines on living a successful life. Family traditions can create unity and continuity from one generation to the next, cementing powerful, trusting relationships which comprise critical support systems. Religion can provide a path for one to live life virtuously and can provide the most powerful inspirations, as well as creating communities of like-minded individuals serving a common, greater good. Gender roles are intrinsic to the human experience, and allow for well-rounded, functioning family units. In addition, many of our most cherished stories, lessons, and recipes are passed from father to son and from mother to daughter.

I am writing this blog because I believe Western Culture is being eaten from the inside. I believe this is causing people to become profoundly unhappy, nihilistic, and it is preventing many from finding meaning in their own lives. I aim to write about what makes this culture great, whether it be through the lens history, art, politics, religion, philosophy, etc. I want to express that not everything old needs to be thrown away, that many things our forebears left us actually help us live a happier, more meaningful life.

I hope I write things you find interesting, and I hope to hear back and exchange ideas from all of you. In this postmodern world, merely not dismissing a tradition a priori is blasphemous. Applying the values instilled in you by your elders in your own life is heresy. Wishing to preserve the wonderful culture which has given us and the world so much and wishing to secure its future is apostasy. If you believe this way, you will likely face fierce opposition, ostracism, and now, unfortunately, even violence. So let’s all be apostates together, let’s rekindle the flame of culture and civilization, and let’s pass that flame on to our children.


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